About Us

Established in 2005, Eco-Park Holdings Ltd has brought on board two decades of in-depth knowledge of bio-degradable polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) in the Greater China regional market, and plastic recycling experience far afield in Europe and the Middle East. In providing "green plastic solutions" for its clients along the ecologically-sound supply chain, the company puts its respect for scarce resources and the environment at the forefront.

With substitutes far from perfect in terms of material performance and cost, plastics, since their proliferation in the 1960's, continue to form an important part of our modern lives. They are used to manufacture everyday products from F&B containers, utensils to various forms of bags and sheets. As a result, plastics also make up a major share of our municipal solid waste stream. Our seemingly material affluence, massive consumption and excessive packaging all result in the generation of enormous amount of plastic wastes that demand proper pre-production consideration and end-of-life management.

Eco-Park Holdings Ltd has developed "green plastic solutions" to the resource challenge of the 21st century. Our plastic products range from 100% recycled plastics to Oxo-Biodegradable materials that can be made into bags, cutlery and a wide range of semi-finished or finished goods. We aspire to:

  • designing eco-friendly plastic products and production process;
  • adopting the efficient use of resources;
  • reducing waste and pollution;
  • undertaking environmental assessment for our suppliers;
  • engaging employees, business partners, customers or community on environmental and sustainability issues

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